Jeep Comfort Module

The Jeep Comfort Module lets users explore the different customizable options available to make their Jeep more comfortable.

Digital agency Organic’s Detroit office brought interactive agency Driftlab on to develop this module for the Jeep site. I worked as a fulltime lead developer at Driftlab on this project and took part in creating the section switching and loading logic when navigating between the different featured accessories. I also developed functionality that incorporated the rendered 3D animation sequences used as transitions when navigating the site. For the individual featured accessories sections, I built the interactivity and animations for the "Smooth Ride" interactive demonstration and "uConnect Studios" sections. The “Smooth Ride” section was an especially interesting development challenge because it features dragging and dropping 3D animated elements onto a simulated moving roadway to be run over and show off how the “Smooth Ride” suspension works.


ActionScript 3