Momentum Worldwide

This site highlights the recent work of and information about the global advertising and marketing agency Momentum Worldwide.

I worked directly with Momentum Worldwide as freelance lead developer to build this site. My role was to help inform UI decisions during the design process, develop prototype builds, and ultimately develop the final site. I programmed all content markup, CSS and JavaScript for the front-end, including some interesting features such as a gallery that has a grid of items filling the width of the browser that can slide infinitely in either direction, looping the items as needed, and a menu and display system created using the Google Maps API that shows the Momentum office locations and contact information from around the globe.

It was also my responsibility to include a CMS for the site and I brought in another developer, Peter Schmalfeldt, founder of Manifest Interactive, to work together with in building a customized back-end using the MICI framework, a PHP framework based on CodeIgniter.


JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP