Neuro Bowl

This mobile site featured a bowling game where users could bowl their way to a coupon for NEURO® beverages at Walgreens locations.

NEURO® wanted to create an engaging way for consumers to receive a coupon for the beverage while on-premise at partnering Walgreens locations. To accomplish this, Young and Rubicam worked with interactive agency Driftlab to build a bowling game that you could play on your mobile device with pins themed to look like bottles of NEURO® drinks and the lane a Walgreens isle. After playing the game, the user was offered a NEURO® coupon that could be redeemed from the phone at checkout.

For this project, I programmed the bowling games simulation dynamics and collision detection as well as the touch based interactivity to position the ball and flick gesture to determine the ball's trajectory and speed.


Mobile, JavaScript, HTML, CSS