Old Spice Saves the World

Old Spice and Dikembe Mutombo team up for this series of retro style games where players can play a different game each week until the Mayan calendar ends to help Dikembe add time the Mayan calendar to delay the end of the world.

Weiden+Kennedy brought interactive agency Driftlab onto this project to build the website around the actual games produced by Adam "Atomic" Saltsman. The site functionality includes the introduction and map where the player can choose levels, share the experience and view the progress of more time being added to the Mayan calendar. As a freelance lead developer for Driftlab my responsibility was to program the game loading logic and the interface used to communicate between the site’s different screens and the loaded games. This also included developing the logic, transitions and animations for the popup interfaces that are used for pausing the game, social sharing and navigation back to the game selection map. I also built the scoring input screen that the player reaches after winning a game, and the calendar video feed screens that load and display countdown timers, the users’ scoring updates, and the footage for different views of a new ring being carved on a Mayan calendar.


ActionScript3, PHP, JavaScript